GIL Investments

GIL Investments is a UK-headquartered private investment firm formed in 1991 which acquires controlling stakes in businesses and aims to support their growth over the long term.

We are privately funded with no limited partners or fund structure.  This enables us to work closely with the management teams of the companies we acquire, focussing on the long term success of the business without the pressure of an investment time horizon that a fund structure inevitably brings.

This funding structure also enables us to be flexible in the types of businesses we acquire and the structure of the transactions we are prepared to consider. We are sector agnostic and have invested in both profitable businesses and those in need of turnaround. In addition to the acquisition of standalone businesses, many of the companies we have acquired have been carve outs of non-core assets of larger groups.

In transactions where speed is of the essence, the small size of our investment team enables us to react and make decisions very quickly where required.

In addition to new investment opportunities we are always interested in evaluating bolt-on opportunities for existing portfolio companies.