Camvac Ltd

The original founders of Camvac invented the process of Vacuum Metallisation in the 1930’s.

The company, which began business in Cambridge in 1950, went on to pioneer the use of metallised films and laminates for a diverse range of applications and markets where barrier film is used.

These included items such as electrical capacitors, wallpaper, mirrors, tinsel, gift wrapping and more recently food packaging and insulation products.

Camvac Ltd is now one of the world’s largest single site metallisation, in-vacuum coating and lamination operations and is a leading provider to the Liquid Packaging, Fresh Food, Processed Food, Industrial and Conversion markets.

GIL acquired the business from Amcor International in 2007 and under a young management team led by Steve Jackson it has addressed new markets, developed new products under its range of “Cambrands” and delivered strong financial performance.

Camvac is based on one manufacturing site in Thetford, Norfolk.