Shapers’ Group Limited


Shapers’ is one of the biggest European players in tooling and moulding which provides a large range of services to its customers through its global footprint.

Shapers’ is a worldwide group focused on four main activities:

– manufacture of tools
– services around tooling
– activities around product-process development
– production of plastic parts.

Shapers’ offers the following services: engineering, feasibility studies, moldflow analysis, calculation of mechanical resistance, prototype and production tools (injection tools, press tools, bi-component tool, foaming or blow molding tools up to 50 tons), controls and trials.

Shapers’ produces plastic parts (injection molding machines from 80 to 3200 tons equipped with robots) and proposes part developement, product finishing and logistics.

Shapers’ employs 800 people in its seven sites located in 5 countries – France, UK, Poland, India and China – Certified ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.