Tractiv distributed spare parts for agricultural vehicles globally from a Head Office in the East Midlands and was part of the GIL portfolio for several years before being sold to a large global group in 2007.

Trevor Middleton led the acquisition in October 2002 from a Venture Capitalist owner. GIL negotiated with the incumbent bank and the vendors to secure a deal which was satisfactory for all parties.

Tractiv’s main brand by which it was better known was BEPCO, a highly successful brand in which the new owners of the business have continued to invest.

The head office was in Coleshill but BEPCO/Tractiv products were distributed across the world, with the largest trading centres being Belgium and the Netherlands.

Having been a GIL portfolio business for several years, Tractiv Holdings was sold to a large overseas group called GB Group in February 2007 which represented a return of five times the initial investment.