GIL Investments actively seeking to acquire non-core assets.

Stratford-upon-Avon, 7th May 2021 – Sometimes a company needs to cut its ties with its parent company and move in a different direction. GIL Investments is a UK-based investment firm with a 30-year track record in acquiring and supporting the long term growth of companies no longer deemed to be core to their existing parent company.

The reasons why a business may be deemed non-core are wide and varied. It may no longer form part of the wider group’s strategic growth plan; the parent company could be seeking an exit from a particular geographic region; the business, or indeed its wider group, may be underperforming necessitating an exit from particular assets; or the business may simply be too small and consequently lost within the overall group structure, finding itself without focus and support.

We have seen all of these scenarios and many besides. GIL offers companies in these situations a supportive, long-term investor who will work with management teams to develop their business with a view to its long-term success.

To parent companies considering the disposal of businesses, GIL’s small investment team enables us to move quickly in assessing and executing proposed acquisitions, working discretely with the vendor to try to achieve the best outcome for all parties. Our long-term investment horizon is often of particular attraction to vendors who want to make sure that the business they are divesting is to be acquired by a responsible investor focussed on its long-term growth and sustainability.

We typically target business with turnover between £10m and £100m and have made acquisitions in sectors including manufacturing, industrials, chemicals, services, media, and others. Target companies can be profitable, breakeven, or loss-making.

Groups from whom we have made acquisitions of non-core companies include Akzo Nobel N.V., ThyssenKrupp AG, Tyco International Ltd, RELX plc, Würth GmbH, the Shepherd Chemical Company, and many others.

If you are a member of the management team of a company that may be non-core, working within a group considering the divestment of non-core assets, or an advisor working with either of these groups, please contact Richard Banham at or use the contact form on this page to discuss how we could work together.

About GIL

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